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Nominate a Superstar for America's Hardest Worker Season 4!

Nominate Now!

Do you know an incredible coworker, inspiring boss, cherished friend, or devoted family member who always goes above and beyond?

This is your chance to recognize their outstanding contributions!
Why Nominate?
  • Win $5,000 : The winner will receive a $5000 cash prize!
  • Prestigious Title: They will earn the prestigious title of “America’s Hardest Worker Season 4.”
  • Celebrate Excellence: Showcase the amazing qualities and hard work of someone who truly deserves it.
Who Can You Nominate?
  • Coworkers who always lend a helping hand and inspire the team.
  • Bosses who lead with vision and compassion.
  • Friends who support you unconditionally.
  • Family Members who are your everyday heroes.
  • Anyone who is AMAZING!
How to Nominate:
  1. Submit Your Nomination: Fill out the nomination form with details about why your nominee deserves to be recognized.
  2. Share Their Story: Highlight their achievements, dedication, and the impact they have made.
  3. Send Pictures & Videos: Showing how they impact those around them.
Don't Miss Out!

Don’t miss this opportunity to honor someone exceptional in your life. 

Together, let’s celebrate the people who make our world a better place

Nominate Now!

process overview

Nomination: Share stories of remarkable individuals in your life deserving of recognition. Submit your nominations from 6/10/24 – 10/31/24.

Selection: Our dedicated team will carefully review each nomination, and select the top 3 contenders. There will be an interview process via both phone and video to learn more about your nomination and aid in our decision of who will take the title.

Recognition: The chosen winner not only earns the prestigious title of America’s Hardest Worker, but also takes home a substantial cash prize of $5,000.

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